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In these uncertain times, we recognize traditional fundraising

opportunities for groups are limited. Enter, our Fundraising Program! Easy and accessible, non-profits, charities, groups and projects are welcome. We are focusing on groups serving pets; service and companion animals, pet rescue and animal shelters. Health-related projects for medical care, chronic illness and disabilities are welcome. Tired of GOFundMe? This is another resource to help your personal empowerment. (EX: cancer care, Lyme disease, genetic conditions, etc.) Contact us to learn more about how coffee with a pulse can help you with your fundraising goals.

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Heart Bean Coffee is standing by Indy Llew. Won't you?

If you’ve been looking for a reason to try our coffee, this is her. Meet Indy Llew, a miraculous little girl who has won over our hearts over the past couple of years. Following her journey with relapsed leukemia and down syndrome has impacted us on a deep level. Indy’s sweet mother Terah, hilarious dad Brian and adorable baby sister Birdy have become household names. To know Indy, even from afar, is to love her instantly.

We are happy to stand by this beautiful family in their healing journey and we are inviting you to join us. We are all in this together. The unifying love of Indy has been called the “Indy effect” and it is truly magical. So, buy coffee now, today and know that you are doing good for this incredible family. 10% of sales goes directly to Indy’s family now through April 25th. When you purchase coffee to support Indy, you will receive 5% off using code INDY! Stay tuned over the next week to learn more about this sensational kid! Indy Llew, we love you!

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GIVEAWAY! Celebrating the incredible work of nonprofits serving the chronic illness and disability communities is at the heart of our coffee. We are looking for nonprofit organizations to partner with next! Let us know who has your support.

We are excited to share with you my book AND our glorious beans! Enter to win 1 pound of our Guardians of Hope Blend: a smooth Sumatran and Colombian organic medium roast to warm you through and through and my book Yes To All Things Me. My book catalogs my experiences with health issues and my desire to persevere to a beautiful life .

To enter 1. Tag your favorite nonprofit and tell us why they matter to you 2. Follow @trustyourownworld AND @heart.bean.coffee on Instagram. 3. Like Heart Bean Coffee on Facebook. Giveaway ends April 12th! ️ For a BONUS entry, share this post in your story and tag us!


Our coffee has a big heart and so do you

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